Sudan: Death toll rises to 56 as clashes continue

By Mohammed Amin

KHARTOUM, Sudan (AA): The death toll in ongoing clashes between Sudan’s military and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF) has reached 56 while the injured is 595, the central committee of the Sudanese doctors said in a statement Sunday.

The committee called on the RSF and Sudanese Armed Forces to open humanitarian corridors to enable evacuations of the injured, especially among civilians, during the clashes, as well as of kidney patients.

“We call on all forces to open safe exit passages for patients held in a dialysis center near the army command in Khartoum,” the statement said.

Meanwhile, clashes between the two sides continued for the second consecutive day in different parts of the capital Khartoum, particularly at or near army headquarters.

The military claimed that they were advancing on RSF bases in Khartoum and other states.

It said in a statement that troops controlled bases in Omdurman, Khartoum’s twin city across the White Nile River, adding that the army would soon end the conflict.

The RSF has denied the armed forces’ statement, stressing that clashes were ongoing.

The paramilitary group further argued in a statement that its forces downed a military plane last night.

Eyewitnesses in Khartoum told Anadolu that hundreds of people, including more than 400 school children, were held in downtown of Khartoum, where intense clashes were taking place near the army headquarters

Also, the UN said three aid workers were killed in Kabkabiya in North Darfur.

[Photo: : Smokes rise where clashes in Khartoum on April 16, 2023 between the Sudanese Armed Forces and the paramilitary Rapid Support Forces (RSF). Photojournalist :Omer Erdem/AA]

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