Palestine needs ceasefire humanitarian aid and peace

Pakistan’s Nobel laureate Malala Yousufzai has reiterated her call for a ceasefire in Gaza as Israel continues to pound the occupied strip and take the lives of thousands of innocent people. Palestine needs The situation became intense after heart-wrenching footage came from Rafah last week, where Israel launched a deadly strike and killed more than 40 people, inciting children. dfd dfd dfd dfd dfd dfd dfd dfd dfd dfd dfd dfd dfd dfd dfd dfd dfd dfd dfd dfd dfd dfd dfd dfd

This prompted global outrage, yet again. However, Israel pressed on with its assault on Rafah despite the International Court of Justice’s ruling to halt it.

In a recent interview with Vogue, Malala said:

“This is such a difficult time right now, especially because of what’s happening in Gaza, and especially this week, what we saw in Rafah.

It is heart-breaking and terrifying to have witnessed these moments. People are so angry and can’t believe this could happen right in front of our eyes,” she said.

The education activist said when she thinks about what Palestinians in Gaza are going through, she cannot even imagine the atrocities and the pain.

“For me at this time, I feel like humanising people is so important. It’s one of the biggest challenges we face. Oftentimes, when we look at conflicts, wars, oppression against people, it always begins with dehumanising another group,” the activist said.

‘DEHUMANISED’ — “I want people in Palestine needs to humanised.

I want people to see those children as humans. They need a ceasefire, they need humanitarian aid, they need peace. Everyone deserves that. Everybody wants a life where they can play sports, watch TV, go to school.” She said that she could not believe that more than 80 percent of the schools in Gaza had been bombed and there was no university left. “This indiscriminate bombing needs to stop.

” During the interview, she also mentioned that she’s about to make a guest appearance on the British sitcom “We Are Lady Parts”. The activist said that while she is sad about what’s happening in Gaza, she is also celebrating her appearance on the show. “…is important because it helps us to see the stories of these Muslim girls and to connect with them and relate to them. I hope that we get to hear more stories of people from Gaza, from Afghanistan and from other parts of the world and that we use all that we have in our capacity, in public and in private, to do all we can to be a voice for the people in Gaza.”

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