Palestine: Israeli forces killed 5 Palestinians in West Bank since Sat

Palestine, (Agencies): Two Palestinians were killed Monday morning and many others were injured and arrested during an Israeli army raid of the city of Qalqilya in the north of the West Bank, according to the Ministry of Health and local sources. 60 Palestinians have been detained by Israeli forcers overnight in the West Bank

The Ministry of Health said the bodies of the two killed, who were not immediately identified, were seized by the army, reported Wafa news agency.

Local sources said the two were in a car when soldiers opened fire at them, killing them instantly.

Two others were injured and were transferred to Qalqilya Hospital.

Two more were also detained.

On Sunday dawn, Israeli soldiers killed a young Palestinian man in Qalqilia.

Media sources said several army vehicles invaded Qalqilia before the soldiers stormed and ransacked many homes, leading to protests, reported

They added that the soldiers also occupied the rooftops of some buildings and used them as monitoring towers and firing posts.

The soldiers fired many live rounds, killing Adnan Essam Zeid, 21 while heading to his work at a local bakery in the Western Street area.

On Saturday, Israeli forces shot eleven Palestinians, including five children, one of whom was seriously wounded, in the northern West Bank governorates of Jenin and Nablus and the southern West Bank governorate of Hebron.

Moreover, Israeli forces, accompanying illegal Israeli Jewish settlers, killed Ahmad Mostafa Aasi, 38, who was one of several Palestinians who intercepted the settlers when they invaded Qarawat Bani Hassan, northwest of Salfit in the central part of the occupied West Bank.

The Israeli occupation army also killed Yazan Majdi Munir Akobi, 14, shooting and abducting him near the town of Tal, southwest of Nablus, in the northern occupied West Bank.

According to Health Ministry data, the Israeli forces and Israeli Jewish settlers killed or caused the death of 464 Palestinians since the start of this year, including 256 killed, and 3,100 were injured, 3,400 Palestinians detained by Israeli forces since the start of Israel’s war on Gaza on October 7.

800 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli forces in Gaza since Saturday. Over 15,300 Palestinians killed, including 6,000 children and 41,316 injured by Israeli indiscriminate bombing of Gaza since Oct 7.  1,147 Israelis killed since October 7 according to Israeli officials.

[Photo: A mother with her injured daughter who was attacked by Israeli air attack treated at the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Deir al-Balah, Gaza on 3 12 23. Photojournalist: Ali Jadallah/ AA]


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