Pakistan: 13 killed, 12 injured in highway crash

By Islamuddin Sajid

ISLAMABAD (AA) – At least 13 people were killed, including two children, one, a year-and-a-half-old Khadija, and 12 wounded as a passenger bus collided with a truck in southern Sindh province on Thursday.

According to police, the passenger bus was traveling on Indus Highway from Bahawalpur to Karachi, the port city of Pakistan.

“All the injured and bodies have been shifted to a local hospital,” Javed Baloch, a local police officer, told reporters.

Pakistan has a long history of road accidents, mainly because of poor infrastructure and a lack of safety standards.

In August, at least 13 people were killed and five injured in a collision between a passenger van and a truck on a highway in Rahim Yar Khan, a district in Punjab province, some 590 kilometers (365 miles) from the provincial capital Lahore.

Additional report by The Muslim News

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