[LIVESTREAMs!] Treasure Boxing 4: Casimero vs. Oguni Live Free TV Broadcast


The stage was set for a night of electrifying boxing as two world-class fighters prepared to face off in the highly anticipated “Treasure Boxing 4” event. In the heart of Las Vegas, the MGM Grand Garden Arena was abuzz with excitement as fans from around the world gathered to witness the epic showdown between John Riel Casimero and Ryosuke Iwasa Oguni.

Casimero, a fearless Filipino brawler, had earned a fearsome reputation in the boxing world. He was the reigning WBO World Bantamweight Champion and known for his ferocious knockout power. On the other side of the ring, the challenger Oguni, a skillful Japanese boxer, was an underdog with a dream to dethrone the champion.

The air inside the arena was thick with tension as the fighters made their grand entrances. Casimero, draped in the Philippine flag, strode into the ring with his signature confident swagger, his fans erupting with cheers. Oguni, wearing a traditional Japanese robe, walked in with a serene focus, his supporters chanting his name with unwavering belief.

The first round began, and Casimero wasted no time showcasing his power. He launched a series of punishing hooks and jabs, pushing Oguni to the ropes. But the challenger, with his slick defensive skills, managed to avoid the worst of the onslaught. The crowd was on their feet, roaring with excitement at every exchange.

As the rounds went by, Oguni showed his resilience and tactical prowess. He began to find his rhythm, landing precise combinations and frustrating Casimero. The fight became a true clash of styles – Casimero’s aggression against Oguni’s defense and counter-punching.

In the seventh round, Oguni made a significant breakthrough. He unleashed a lightning-fast left hook, connecting flush with Casimero’s jaw. The champion wobbled, his legs giving way, and it seemed like the end was near. But somehow, Casimero managed to stay on his feet, defying all odds.

As the championship rounds approached, Casimero found his second wind. He continued to pressure Oguni, displaying his warrior spirit. Both fighters gave it their all, trading powerful blows that reverberated throughout the arena.

The final bell rang, and the crowd erupted into applause, acknowledging the incredible display of heart and skill by both fighters. The judges’ scorecards were read aloud, and it was a close decision. In the end, John Riel Casimero retained his title by a narrow split decision, leaving the fans in awe of the grit and determination shown by both fighters.

The “Treasure Boxing 4” event had delivered a night to remember, showcasing the beauty and brutality of the sport. Casimero and Oguni had given their all, leaving a lasting impression on the world of boxing. The fighters, battered and bruised, shared a moment of respect and sportsmanship in the center of the ring, a testament to the indomitable spirit that defines the world of boxing.

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