Mali: 11 killed in attack on camp sheltering displaced people

By Fatma Esma Arslan


DAKAR, Senegal (AA)  At least 11 civilians were killed in a terrorist attack on a camp for displaced people in northern Mali, local media reported Wednesday.

Terrorists carried out an attack on the Kadji camp, which shelters civilians who fled their homes in the Gao region due to terrorist attacks.

The camp was attacked late Monday by men on motorbikes, the various sources said.

“All the shelters were set on fire and all the livestock there were taken away,” said Mohamed Toure, the UNHCR representative in Mali.

Around 60,000 people in the Gao region have fled their homes due to security concerns, according to UN data.

The northern regions of Gao and Menaka have been exposed to attacks by Daesh/ISIS-linked terrorist groups since March.

The Islamic State in the Greater Sahara terrorist group carries out attacks particularly on civilians to take control of Menaka, which borders Niger and Burkina Faso.

Additional report by The Muslim News

[Map of Mali by CIA Factbook/Public domain]

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