Gaza: 87 Palestinians killed, 104 injured by Israeli bombardment 14-15 Feb

Gaza City, (OCHA, Al Jazeera, Wafa): Between the afternoon of 14 February and 13:30 on 15 February, according to the Ministry of Health (MoH) in Gaza, 87 Palestinians were killed, and 104 Palestinians were injured. Between 7 October 2023 and 13:30 on 15 February 2024, at least 28,663 Palestinians were killed including 12,300 children in Gaza and 68,395 Palestinians were injured, according to MoH in Gaza. 8,500 Palestinians are missing.

Intense Israeli bombardment from air, land and sea continues to be reported across much of the Gaza Strip, resulting in further civilian casualties, displacement, and destruction of civilian infrastructure.

Israeli army entered Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis in south Gaza with heavy tank and machine gun fire, forcing everyone inside to evacuate and flee for their lives.

In Rafah, in south Gaza, exodus begins as Israel’s military steps up air raids and artillery fire before a feared ground operation on the southern city once designated a “safe zone”.

Israel “must listen to its friends and the international community” saying civilians cannot be made to “pay the price of defeating Hamas”, leaders of Australia, New Zealand and Canada said.

Footage has emerged showing the decomposing bodies of premature infants at Al Nassr Pediatric Hospital in Gaza City, which was besieged earlier in the war.

Al Jazeera’s verification unit, Sanad, confirmed the video shows the infants’ remains left unattended in one of the hospital’s wards.

“On November 10, the Israeli army besieged Al Nassr Children’s Hospital and then instructed the medical staff to evacuate the hospital along with the displaced persons,” Mohammed Hamouda, a doctor at the hospital, told Al Jazeera in a voice message.

“In this situation, we were forced to merge the nursery with the intensive care unit for critical cases requiring artificial respiration,” he said. “We operated a generator to keep the equipment running. We left the hospital under the Israeli siege with the understanding that the Red Cross would follow up on these cases.”

“However, all of them passed away and were left to decompose,” he concluded.

Gaza Health Ministry spokesperson Ashraf al-Qudra says Israeli troops are forcing 95 medics, 191 patients and 165 displaced people into an old building at the medical centre under “harsh conditions” without food or milk for the children.

“The Nasser Medical Complex is witnessing a catastrophic, worrying situation because of the dwindling medical capacity as fuel is set to run out in the next 24 hours, which directly threatens the lives of patients, including six on respirators in intensive care and three children in incubators,” al-Qudra said in a statement.

At least three Palestinians were reported killed and several others injured this evening, some of them seriously, as a result of an Israeli airstrike targeting a vehicle and a group of civilians in Gaza City, according to local sources.

Israeli warplanes targeted a vehicle and a group of civilians in Al-Jala Street in Gaza City, resulting in the tragic killing of at least two individuals and injuries to at least five others. The airstrike also inflicted significant damage to surrounding properties and buildings.

In addition to the attack on Al-Jala Street, Israeli occupation forces carried out airstrikes on the neighborhoods of Sabra and Zaytoun in the city. Furthermore, Israeli artillery targeted the Sheikh Ajleen area with at least one strike.

South of the Gaza Strip, particularly in Khan Yunis, which is witnessing a massive-scale Israeli ground invasion, medical sources reported that Israeli occupation forces have compelled the administration of the Nasser Medical Complex to relocate 95 healthcare workers, along with 11 of their family members, 191 patients, and 165 civilians and displaced persons into the old Nasser Building under harsh and inhumane conditions.

The medical personnel, patients and other individuals trapped inside the hospital are reportedly without food or infant formula, and are facing a severe shortage of water.

10 Palestinian citizens, including four children, were killed Thursday afternoon when the Israeli war planes bombed a house in Nuseirat refugee camp in the central Gaza Strip.

In addition, over 1,139 Israelis and foreign nationals have been killed in Israel, according to the Israeli authorities, the vast majority on 7 October in southern Israel. As of 14 February, the Israeli authorities estimate that about 134 Israelis and foreign nationals remain captive by Hamas in Gaza.

[Photo:  Injured Palestinian child in daze following Israeli bombardment on al-Nuseirat Refugee Camp in Deir al-Balah, Gaza, being treated in Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital on 15 2 24. Photojournalist: Ashraf Amra /AA]

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