Gaza: 125 Palestinians killed, 318 injured by Israeli indiscriminate bombing

Palestine (Wafa, AA, Al Jazeera):

At least 125 Palestinians have been killed and 318 injured in 24 hours between Wednesday and Thursday, according to Gaza’s Ministry of Health.

In a preliminary toll, the ongoing Israeli indiscriminate bombing on the Gaza Strip for the 91st includes 22,438 Palestinians killed, including 9,600 children, 6,750 women and 57,614 injured; 7,000 Palestinians still missing, according to Gaza Ministry of Health.

For the past hour or so, there has been an intensive military campaign in central Gaza, reports Al Jazeera.

There is heavy bombardment near Deir el-Balah, including at the Nuseirat, al-Maghazi, and Bureij refugee camps.

The bombing surge seems to be an attempt to force the remaining residents of the area to evacuate.

These attacks – along with overnight artillery shelling and air strikes in the central area – have killed over 20 people and destroyed many of the remaining high-rise buildings.

At the same time, the Israeli military is pushing deeper into Khan Younis, particularly the southeast. There are reports of more than 10 people killed there. aljazeera

Israeli gunboats targeting Gaza’s coastal areas as Israeli forces clash with Palestinian fighters near Maghazi and Bureij refugee camps.

Even though Rafah has been designated a safe area, it has continued to come under attack. The number of attacks on Rafah city are similar to those in the north of Gaza.

Overnight, a home was targeted in the northeast of Rafah city, killing an entire family.

Dozens of innocent civilians, including children and women, were brutally murdered over the past few hours as the Israeli genocide campaign from the air, land and sea against the Gaza Strip enters its 91st consecutive day, according to local and medical sources, reports Wafa news agency.

In central Gaza, emergency and rescue teams retrieved the bodies of two Palestinians who were killed in Israeli airstrikes targeting residential homes in the town of Al-Zawaida yesterday evening.

In Khan Yunis, south of the Strip, the bodies of three slain Palestinians and five wounded individuals were transported to Nasser Medical Complex following an Israeli strike which targeted the area of al-Mawassi, located west of the province.

At least 32 people killed in Khan Younis and five in Rafah as Israeli attacks continue across Gaza, reports Al Jazeera.

Simultaneously, the Israeli air force carried out intense airstrikes in the southeast of Khan Yunis city, while numerous explosions were heard across the central province amid nonstop Israeli bombardments.

Meantime, the ambulance and rescue teams retrieved several wounded individuals from the Maghazi refugee camp in central Gaza, coinciding with ongoing shelling by the Israeli occupation artillery on the camp and the eastern areas of Al-Bureij refugee camp.

Israeli warships fired on the beaches of Deir al-Balah in central Gaza, coinciding with continuous air raids and artillery shelling on the city.

Earlier yesterday evening, at least two civilians were killed and others injured in relentless Israeli airstrikes on Khan Yunis in the southern Gaza Strip. Medical sources reported the death of a civilian and injuries to others in an Israeli airstrike targeting a residential apartment in the Al-Amal neighborhood in the city.

In another incident, an Israeli airstrike claimed the life of a woman, and several others were injured in the Qarara area in Khan Yunis. The Israeli military also destroyed homes in Khazaa town and adjacent areas east of Khan Yunis.

Also in Khan Yunis, at least one civilian was killed, and others were injured in the Israeli shelling around the European Hospital southeast of the city. Additionally, Israeli warplanes destroyed a house belonging to the Kawara’ family east of the city and carried out airstrikes in the vicinity of Nasser Hospital, Al-Amal Hospital, and the Palestinian Red Crescent Society’s headquarters.

Video footage revealed the dead bodies of 14 Palestinians, including nine children, being recovered after an Israeli airstrike targeted the tents of displaced individuals in the Mawassi area west of Khan Yunis.

In Rafah, in the southern Gaza Strip, five civilians were killed and others injured in an Israeli airstrike targeting the home of the Abu Senjar family in the city center.

In the al-Maghazi refugee camp in central Gaza, Israeli warplanes targeted the Abu Holi family home, resulting in multiple casualties.

The Palestinian Red Crescent Society reported that the Israeli military targeted the home of Anwar Abu Holi, the director of the Central Governorate Ambulance Center in the Maghazi refugee camp, leading to multiple casualties, including at least two martyrs and five injuries until this moment, with several people still under the rubble.

Meanwhile, rescue and ambulance crews managed to retrieve several dead Palestinians and wounded individuals from under the debris of another house targeted by the Israeli occupation military in the same refugee camp.

Moreover, Israeli drones fired live ammunition at displaced individuals near the entrance of Al-Msaddar village in central Gaza.

At least five civilians were also killed and others injured in an Israeli strike on a vehicle in the New Al-Nusseirat refugee camp in central Gaza.

Israeli artillery further targeted the areas of Al-Zawaida, Nuseirat, Maghazi, Al-Bureij in central Gaza, destroying the home of the Al-Louh family near the Wadi Gaza bridge.

In Gaza City, medical sources reported the arrival of the bodies of nine dead Palestinians to Shifa Medical Complex due to Israeli airstrikes targeting residential neighborhoods. The strikes included areas south of Juhor al-Dik and near Gaza seaport.

Meanwhile, Al-Aqsa Hospital in Gaza received 155 dead and 357 wounded following Israeli attacks on two refugee camps in December, the medical charity Doctors Without Borders (MSF) said Thursday, reiterating its call for a cease-fire, according to Anadolu Agency.

“From the hospital, we can hear the bombing in the neighborhoods northeast of Al-Aqsa Hospital in Gaza’s Middle Area, near the Al-Bureij and Al-Maghazi refugee camps,” it quoted Carolina Lopez, MSF emergency coordinator in the besieged enclave, as saying on its X account.

“No one and nowhere is safe in Gaza,” the MSF said.

“We need a sustained #ceasefire now to prevent more deaths and injuries, to ensure the delivery of unhindered aid, and a massive scale up of health care to meet Gazans’ medical needs,” it added.

In a news conference, Israeli army spokesperson Daniel Hagari said: “136 Israelis are still held in the Gaza Strip, including 3 civilians who were initially reported missing but later turned out to be among the hostages held in Gaza.”

According to Israeli authorities 1,139 Israelis were killed on October 7.

[Photo: Palestinian man puts pressure on head of injured woman as result of Israeli attack in Deir al-Balah, Gaza on 5 1 24. Photojournalist: Ali Jadallah/AA]

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