Colleges withhold degrees from students after pro-Palestinian protests

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But for some college students who participated in pro-Palestinian protests, campus activism has cost them their degrees – at least for a while.

“Four years and just a criminal record, nothing else,” said Youssef Hasweh, one of four students at the University of Chicago who have had their degrees withheld pending an investigation into a protest encampment. “A decade of (high school and college) work down the toilet because I decided to express my free speech.”

Students being denied conferment

Some of whom have faced arrests, expulsions, suspensions and other disciplinary action – say they’re in limbo and are making into examples. As they await appeals processes and the results of university investigations, they’re preparing for an uncertain future. In the worst-case scenario, they’ll be saddled with debt and will have no degree to show for it.

But while the stakes are high, they told USA TODAY that none of them regret their part in campus protests over Israel’s military campaign in Gaza.

“I have these punishments and have to work through this stress, but it’s incomparable to the plight of Palestinians,” said Devron Burks, a Vanderbilt student who arrested and expelled following the occupation of a campus building. “I don’t regret it, and I don’t think I ever will.”

‘We’ll be degreeless and Colleges withhold jobless’

Hasweh, who has active in pro-Palestinian protests since the Israel-Hamas war broke out, received an email about a week before graduation that his degree would not conferred.

“I recently received multiple complaints regarding the quad encampment that report issues related to disruptive conduct. In investigating the matter, you have identified as an individual that may have involved,” Jeremy W. Inabinet, an associate dean of students, wrote Hasweh in a May 24 email. “Given the fact that you will involved in the Disciplinary System for Disruptive Conduct and in consultation with the Faculty Chair, your degree will not conferred until the resolution of this matter occurs.”

Inabinet said Hasweh would allowed to participate in graduation ceremonies on Saturday. But that could change if the university gets any further reports of misconduct, the dean of students said.

Hasweh is a political science Colleges withhold student

Who has family in the West Bank. He suspects the university singled him and three of his classmates because they among a group arrested on trespassing charges for participating in a pro-Palestinian sit-in in the fall. The arrest led to an eight-month school investigation that ended with warnings for the students. Hasweh fears they won’t be let off the hook again.

Youssef Hasweh, a University of Chicago political science student who expected to graduate Saturday, speaks at a student protest against Israel’s military attacks in Gaza. Hasweh, 22, is one of four seniors whose degrees are being withheld by administrators.
“Everything is on the table again, and we’re gambling with expulsion,” he said. “We’ll be degreeless and jobless and put in this impossible situation.”

While the university did not answer specific questions about the arrests, it said in statement on disciplinary proceedings that “degrees can conferred expeditiously, depending upon the resolution.”

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