Austria: Mosque suffers Islamophobic attack

By Askin Kiyagan


VIENNA (AA): A mosque in n Sollenau municipality, Austria, was subjected to an Islamophobic and racist attack on Monday.

The words “Go back home” were written on the walls of the Yesil Mosque in Lower Austria by an unidentified individual who entered the area without permission, according to mosque officials.

Turkey’s Ambassador to Austria, Ozan Ceyhun, condemned the incident and said he hopes this will be the last “racist attack” that disturbs the peace in Austria

Meanwhile, the Turkish Consul-General in Vienna, Cafer Mert Ozmert, visited the mosque to show solidarity.

Austria saw 1,061 incidents of anti-Muslim racism and Islamophobia last year, according to a new report released last week.

According to the 2021 Report on Anti-Muslim Racism released by the Austrian Documentation and Counseling Center for Muslims (Dokustelle Osterreich), the majority of the attacks took place on digital platforms as more social interaction was on the internet due to COVID-19 restrictions.

[Map of Austria by CIA Factbook/Public Domain]

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