New ‘Independent’ Reviewer on Prevent Confirms Government Whitewash

New ‘Independent’ Reviewer on Prevent Confirms Government Whitewash

The Muslim Council of Britain today spoke out against the government’s latest choice to lead the so-called Independent Review on Prevent. Once again, the government is making it clear it has no interest in truly reviewing the policy.

“William Shawcross is singularly unfit to be a neutral and fair assessor of this government policy, which has been criticised for unfairly targeting British Muslims, given his frightening views about Islam and Muslims.

It is ironic that a policy supposedly charged with preventing extremism is to be scrutinised by a person who holds hostile views on Islam and Muslims, who has links to people with extreme views on us, and who defends the worst excesses of the so-called ‘War on Terror’.

When he was appointed to chair the Charity Commission in the last decade, he is reported to have approached the role with the same hostile attitudes against Muslims and Muslim charities.

Such a person has no place in public life, let alone leading a review into Prevent.

The appointment of William Shawcross gives further evidence that this Government wants to troll Muslims and sweep widespread concerns about Prevent under the carpet.

This is an updated ‘Trumpian’ move and the government would do well to discard such outdated and regressive attitudes to Muslims.

Many of us, who have been calling for an independent review of Prevent for years, may have to re-evaluate and consider whether such bad faith appointments make the very idea of an independent inquiry into Prevent untenable.”


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