Jenin, W Bank: Israeli forces kill 4 Palestinians, incl 2 children, as it sieges refugee camp

By Harun Nasrullah

London (The Muslim News): The Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) killed four Palestinians, including two children, during its prolonged incursion into Jenin City and its refugee camp in the northern West Bank. On Wednesday, the IOF confiscated the bodies of Mohammad Jamal Zobeidi, 26, and Wissam Ziad Hanoun, 28, from the Jenin refugee camp.

Between Tuesday evening and Wednesday afternoon, the IOF killed Samer Al-Ghoul, 8, and Basil Suleiman Abu Al-Wafa, 15 injured dozens of young men, abducted at least 28 others, and bombarded homes in the refugee camp.

Residents and paramedics were prevented from reaching the two slain children in the Basateen neighbourhood while they bled to death. A video posted on social media shows that the child posed no threat to the occupation army when soldiers shot him dead on the street.

As sirens and Israeli reconnaissance drones sounded on Tuesday evening, a large army force, including military bulldozers, invaded Jenin and its refugee camp.

While bombarding residents’ cars and destroying roads and infrastructure in the city and on the fringes of the camp, the army besieged the refugee camp and several of the city’s hospitals.

Military snipers stationed on the rooftops of various high-rise buildings opened fire on residents, while the army declared Jenin and its camp a closed military zone and established a tight siege from all sides of the Jenin camp.

The Israeli incursion caused outrage among local youths and armed resistance militants, who exchanged fire with the IOF and used explosive devices to target army vehicles.

According to Dr. Fawaz Hammad, the Director of Al-Razi Hospital, several Palestinian civilians, including children, were shot with live ammunition.

Soldiers fired concussion grenades and tear gas canisters towards residents in several neighbourhoods, causing several people to suffer the toxic effects of tear gas inhalation.

Sources said that the army besieged the home of Hamoudi Taj and, using loudspeakers, demanded that he surrender himself.

The army fired an “Energa” missile at a home in the “Al-Samran” neighbourhood of the camp and bombed a home in the “Al-Damj” neighbourhood of the camp, causing major destruction.

According to Dr. Wissam Bakr, director of the Jenin Governmental Hospital, soldiers inspected ambulance crews and hospital personnel’s vehicles while deploying an infantry squad at the emergency room entrance and in the hospital courtyard.

The Palestine Red Crescent Society reported that Israeli forces detained its ambulance crews in front of the Jenin Governmental Hospital and blocked their ability to transport a patient to the hospital who was shot with a live round.

Samer Attia, the director of Ibn Sina Hospital, told Palestinian news agency WAFA that the army had imposed a siege on the hospital from every direction.

At 6 am, military reinforcements arrived in the city, and media sources reported after 7 am that military bulldozers continued to destroy roads and infrastructure mostly in the “Al-Damj” and “Al-Samran” neighbourhoods of the refugee camp, including electricity, water, and sewage networks.

On Wednesday morning, soldiers bombed a home in the “Al-Damj” neighbourhood in the Jenin refugee camp, in addition to citizens’ vehicles, and bombed homes in the “Al-Jabriyat” neighbourhood near the camp.

It was added that an armed drone bombed a home belonging to the Zamiro family, while the home of Nael Tawfiq Al-Ghoul was targeted with “Energa” missiles.

WAFA also reported that Israeli soldiers forcibly evacuated Palestinian citizens at gunpoint to leave their homes in the “Al-Damj” neighbourhood of the camp.

Meanwhile, in the afternoon, soldiers shot a young man in the head with live ammunition and ran over another with an Israeli military vehicle.

Jamal Abu Al-Ezz, the director of the Galilee Charitable Society for Community Care and Rehabilitation in Jenin Camp, told WAFA that soldiers stormed the association’s headquarters and destroyed its contents.

Israel now has killed 455 Palestinians, including many children, in the West Bank since the beginning of this year, 2023, 247 of the slain Palestinians were killed since October 7.

The 28 Palestinians abducted by the IOF from Jenin and its camp have been named as follows: Abdul Salam Amouri, Abdullah Nour al-Din, Abdullah Suhail Salah, Abdullah Zamiro (wounded), Alaa al-Saadi (wounde from inside an ambulance in front of the Jenin Governmental Hospital), Alaa Najm, Ali Abdul Rahman, Anas Abu Zaid, Aws Abdullah Salah, Basil Abdul Rahman, Bassam Al-Hariri, Fadi Al Sabbagh, Fadl Qasim Al-Jadaoun, Hammam Al-Hariri, Hamoudi Taj (after besieging his home), Hani Abu Al Shaker, Hani Abu Al Shaker (mother of the wanted young man), Ibrahim Najm, Islam Bassam Hoshiya (in Al-Yamoun, northwest of city), Khaled Rashid Mansour, Moataz Abu Zaid, Muhammad Abdullah Salah, Muhammad Mutahin, Mujahid Mustafa Qaniri, Nour Al-Din Mansour, Qassam Al-Hariri, Saleh Reda Lahlouh, and Talal Al-Husri.

[Photo:  Parents of 22-year-old Yasin Al-Asmar killed by Israeli forces in Beitunia district near Ramallah, West Bank on 28 11 23 mourning at his funeral ceremony. Ph Issam Rimawi /AA]

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