Israels war on Gaza 78 killed in one day of Israeli attacks on Gaza

Over 30 countries call for more scrutiny of Israel’s role in destroying Gaza health Israels war system. The countries are backing a proposal at the World Health Organization’s annual assembly in Geneva. That would require the agency to boost documentation of the “catastrophic humanitarian crisis” in Gaza and possible “starvation”, according to Reuters news agency. bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs

The countries also condemned ongoing Israeli attacks on hospitals in Gaza and appealed for more scrutiny of Israel’s role in the enclave’s health crisis.The WHO has recorded hundreds of attacks on health facilities in the occupied. Palestinian territories since the beginning of the conflict began, but does not attribute blame.

Palestinian ambassador Ibrahim Khraishi urged countries to support the motion, saying: “We cannot allow Israel to destroy everything, to destroy health care facilities and to allow this to happen”.

A vote on the proposal is expected Israels war later on Wednesday.

Reporting from UN headquarters in New York

Algeria, supported by the Arab Group, put forward this draft resolution.

It essentially calls for an end to the Rafah offensive and a ceasefire, and the release of all captives from Gaza.

We know from speaking to the United States ambassador on the way into the council that there’s little chance of this being adopted by the UN Security Council.

The US continues to voice its position that such a resolution would not be helpful, that any way forward has to come by Israel and Hamas sitting down and negotiating … a ceasefire that they can agree to.

And of course, the United States emphasised the release of all captives as key to those efforts.

The UN Security Council
France’s Ambassador to the United Nations Nicolas de Riviere addresses members of the UN Security Council, in New York City in the US, May 29, 2024 [Eduardo Munoz/Reuters]
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‘Brutal and senseless occupation’ of Palestinian land: Algeria ambassador

At the UN Security Council, Algeria presented a draft resolution that “demands an immediate ceasefire respected by all parties. And the release of all captives in Gaza.

Amar Bendjama, Algeria’s ambassador to the United Nations. Described the need for Israel to end its devastating war on Gaza, but he also raised the continuing violence in the occupied West Bank.

“This grim reality reflects the brutal and senseless nature of the Israeli occupation. He told the council. “Addressing the symptoms without tackling the root cause – the occupation of Palestinian land – will not lead to lasting peace.”

He said the Security Council has the “primary responsibility” to ensure the implementation of relevant resolutions relating to Palestine. Including on illegal settlements in the occupied West Bank, where 800,000 Jewish settlers currently live.

World Central Kitchen stops work in Rafah after Israeli attacks

The World Central Kitchen charity halted its food-distribution operations in Gaza’s southern city of Rafah because of attacks in the area.

“In the face of Israeli operations in Rafah, countless families are being forced to flee once again. ” The US-based charity said on X. “Ongoing attacks have forced us to pause work at our main kitchen in Rafah and relocate many of our community kitchens further north.”

The charity recently resumed its work in Gaza after suspending operations in April following. The killing of seven of its workers in three air strikes by an Israeli drone. The deaths of an Australian, three Britons, a North American. A Palestinian and a Pole triggered global outrage over Israel’s military operations.

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