Gaza: 85 Palestinians killed, 200 injured by Israeli indiscriminate bombing last 24hrs

By Abdul Adil

(The Muslim News): Israeli indiscriminate bombings by Israeli Defence Forces killed 85 Palestinians and injured 200 others in the Gaza Strip in the last 24 hours,” the Health Ministry said. This has led to the number of Palestinians killed by Israeli attacks to at least 35,647, and 79,852 others injured in the besieged enclave.

The UN’s agency for Palestinian refugees, UNRWA, has suspended the distribution of food in Rafah, citing Israeli attacks on the city and a lack of supplies.

Israeli relentless bombardment of the blockaded Gaza Strip Tuesday evening killed eight Palestinians and injured others, according to a medical source, reports Wafa News Agency.

He said that Israeli missiles targeted a house of al-Shobaki family in the Gaza city neighborhood of ad-Daraj, killing four Palestinians, including a toddler whose age did not exceed a year.

All of the fatalities were taken to the al-Ahli hospital, which used to be called Al-Mamadani.

He added that Israeli missiles also targeted a house in al-Tuffah neighborhood in central Gaza, killing four others, including two women and a minor.

At least five civilians today were killed and others were injured in Israeli airstrikes targeting a group of citizens near Awadallah Junction in the Yabna refugee camp in the center of the city of Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip.

The Israeli artillery bombed the eastern areas of the Al-Zaytoun neighborhood, southeast of Gaza City.

Meanwhile, the city of Rafah has been subjected to a series of raids since Tuesday morning.

Dozens of Palestinians, most of them children and women, were killed, and others were injured, at dawn Tuesday, in various parts of the Gaza Strip, which continues to be under Israeli violent bombardment, by air, land and sea, for the 228th day in a row.

WAFA correspondent reported that three people were killed and a number of injuries were reported as a result of the Israeli aircraft targeting a house owned by Al-Kahlot family in the Beit Lahia project in the northern Gaza Strip.

One person was killed and others were injured as a result of a missile strike that targeted two homes belonging to Abu Amer and Abu Tair families, east of the city of Khan Yunis, in the southern Gaza Strip.

There are still missing people under the rubble of the two destroyed homes.

The Israeli occupation military navy fired machine guns towards the sea of the city of Khan Yunis.

Ambulance and civil defense crews recovered a number of casualties as a result of gunfire from a Quadcopter aircraft on a group of Palestinians behind the Association for the Disabled on the Palestinian-Egyptian border, south of the city of Rafah, south of the Gaza Strip.

The Israeli air force carried out a series of raids on the northern area of Bureij camp in the central Gaza Strip, killing and injuring dozens.

The Israeli artillery continues to bomb various areas in the Jabalia camp in the northern Gaza Strip.

Four civilians were killed tonight in an Israeli air raid launched by the Israeli army on the Sabra neighborhood, south of Gaza City.

WAFA correspondent reported that the occupation warplanes bombed a house of the Qandil family in Sabra neighborhood, resulting in the killing of four citizens.

Witnesses said Israeli warplanes struck three homes in the hospital’s vicinity, destroying them completely, reports Anadolu Agency.

At least eight Palestinians, including a baby girl, were killed in two Israeli airstrikes in the Gaza Strip on Tuesday, according to medics.

Six bodies, including a one-year-old girl, were retrieved after Israeli fighter jets struck a house in central Gaza City, the Palestinian Civil Defense agency said in a statement.

At least 15 other people were also injured in the attack, it added.

Two more Palestinians were killed and several others wounded when Israeli jets shelled a group of civilians in central Rafah in the southern Gaza Strip, medical sources said.

The new fatalities brought the death toll from Israeli attacks in Rafah in the last 24 hours to seven, including three children, the sources said.

Meanwhile, the Israeli army early on Tuesday raided the city of Jenin in the northern occupied West Bank, triggering clashes with Palestinians that left seven Palestinians killed.

Eyewitnesses told Anadolu that a large force stormed into the city, amid intense Israeli drones overflights in Jenin.

The Palestinian Health Ministry said in a brief statement that seven Palestinians were killed and nine others were injured, including two in serious condition, from the Israeli forces in Jenin.

Meanwhile, he Associated Press on Tuesday condemned Israel’s seizure of its live feed showing a view into the Gaza Strip as an “abusive use” of the country’s new foreign broadcaster law amid an onslaught launched by Tel Aviv on the besieged Palestinian enclave.

“The Associated Press decries in the strongest terms the actions of the Israeli government to shut down our longstanding live feed showing a view into Gaza and seize AP equipment,” Lauren Easton, vice president of corporate communications at AP, said in a statement.

“The shutdown was not based on the content of the feed but rather an abusive use by the Israeli government of the country’s new foreign broadcaster law,” Easton added.

Officials from the Israeli Communications Ministry arrived at the AP office in Sderot in southern Israel and seized a camera and broadcasting equipment. They handed the agency a piece of paper signed by Communications Minister Shlomo Karhi accusing the news agency of violating Israel’s foreign broadcaster law.

Israeli authorities accused the global news agency of providing images to the Qatar-funded Al Jazeera television, one of thousands of clients that receive live video feeds from the AP and other news organizations.

The AP said it complies with Israel’s military censorship rules, which prohibit broadcasts of details like troops movements that could endanger soldiers. Before the seizure, the AP live feed was broadcasting a general view of northern Gaza.

The AP called on Israel to immediately return its equipment and reinstate its live feed “so we can continue to provide this important visual journalism to thousands of media outlets around the world.”

Last month, Israel’s parliament passed a law that allows the closure of foreign networks operating in Israel and confiscates their equipment if the defense minister identifies that their broadcast poses “an actual harm to the state’s security.”

In the first application of the law, Israeli authorities raided the offices of Doha-based Al Jazeera television and confiscated its equipment.

According to the Israeli government, 1,139 Israelis were killed by Hamas on October 7 in southern Israel, and 134 Israelis and foreign nationals are still detained by Hamas in Gaza.

[Photo: Wounded Palestinians, incl children in Al-Ahli Arab Hospital for treatment after being injured as a result of the Israeli attack in Beit Lahia, Gaza on 21 05 2024. Photojournalist: Belal Mortaja/ AA]

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