France: Mosque in Rennes suffers 2nd attack

By Alaattin Dogru


PARIS (AA): A mosque in northwestern France was subjected to an Islamophobic and racist attack for the second time in 20 days.

Slogans such as “Wake up France”, “We warned you, immigration kills” and “No Islamization”, were written on the walls of Avicenna Islamic Cultural Center in Rennes,on April 29.

The French Council of the Muslim Faith and the Coordination Committee of Turkish Muslims in France have condemned the attack on the mosque.

“The CFCM strongly condemns the racist and Islamophobic inscriptions to which the Avicenna Muslim center in Rennes was once again a victim.”

On April 11, the mosque was the target of a similar attack. Interior Minister Gerard Darmanin had visited the mosque stating that such acts could not be tolerated.

“The anti-Muslim inscriptions that have been inscribed on this cultural and religious center are unacceptable. Freedom of worship in France is a fundamental freedom,” Gerald Darmanin said during a visit to the Avicenna Islamic Cultural Center in the city of Rennes in northwest France.

[Map of France/Creative Commons]

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