France: Great Mosque of Paris files complaint against writer’s ‘brutal’ Islamophobic remarks

By Fatih Karakaya


PARIS (AA): The Great Mosque of Paris is filing a complaint against French writer Michel Houellebecq over his Islamophobic remarks, it announced on Thursday.

The decision was taken after a “long conversation” between Houellebecq and another writer, Michel Onfray, was published in magazine Front Populaire in November, said the statement.

In the article, Houellebecq said that people in France were “arming themselves” and could attack Muslim establishments when “entire territories fall under Islamic control.”

“People are arming themselves. They are procuring rifles and taking shooting courses … I think acts of resistance will occur when entire territories fall under Islamic control. Attacks and shootings will be perpetrated in mosques, coffeeshops mostly visited by the Muslims, well, Bataclan in reverse,” he said.

For officials of the Great Mosque of Paris, these “lapidary remarks” were “unacceptable and unbelievably brutal.”

“They do not seek to elucidate any public debate but arouse discriminatory rhetoric and acts,” it added.

The statement noted that while criticizing religion was permitted in democratic society, the comments in the article were “calling to reject and exclude the Muslim component in its entirety.”

“In these circumstances, the Great Mosque of Paris had decided to file a complaint … against those remarks that it considers as an act provoking hatred towards Muslims,” ​​it added.


*Writing by Nur Asena Erturk in Ankara


[Photo: Grande Mosque of Paris, France. Photo by LPLT/Creative Commons]

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