Car Bombing in Syria Targets Iran-Backed Fighters

A car bombing struck the eastern Syrian city of Deir Ezzor on Saturday, resulting in the deaths of two fighters aligned with Iran. According to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, the attack occurred near an Iranian cultural center when an explosive device detonated inside an SUV, potentially intensifying the ongoing conflict within the region. smc smc smc smc smc smc

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights

A UK-based watchdog with extensive networks inside Syria, confirmed that the vehicle, packed with explosives, was identified as belonging to militias supported by Iran, and the blast not only killed two individuals but also injured several others.

Following the explosion, Syrian government forces and Iran-backed groups quickly established a security cordon around the impacted site, signaling the importance of the area and Iran’s deep-rooted presence there.

Deir Ezzor, recognized as a stronghold for Tehran, hosts numerous Iranian, as well as proxy forces and institutions.

The responsibility for the bombing remains unclaimed, and it adds to the ongoing turmoil in a region marred by frequent attacks.

Earlier this week Car Bombing

An attack attributed to Israel in northern Syria near Aleppo resulted in the deaths of 12 people in an area where forces allied with the Iranian government were present.

On April 1, an intense airstrike demolished a building within the Iranian diplomatic compound in Damascus, killing two senior Revolutionary Guard generals and five other officers. These individuals reportedly engaged in planning operations to escalate attacks against Israel. In response, Iran launched a significant missile and drone strike against Israel on April 13, which resulted in minimal damage as most of the projectiles intercepted.

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