Bangladesh, Brunei agree to collaborate in energy sector, Halal trade

By Md. Kamruzzaman


DHAKA, Bangladesh (AA): Bangladesh and Brunei have agreed to collaborate in the energy sector and deepen cooperation in Halal trade, according to a joint statement released Sunday.

The statement was issued following a two-day state visit to Bangladesh by the Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, on Oct. 15-16.

The Sultan held meetings with top Bangladeshi dignitaries including Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and discussed various issues of mutual interest.

“In view of Bangladesh’s growing demand for energy and Brunei Darussalam’s standing as a stable and key regional exporter of energy, both leaders agreed to explore mechanisms for long-term collaboration in the energy sector, particularly in the supply of liquefied natural gas (LNG) and other petroleum products to Bangladesh,” said the joint statement.

The two leaders also agreed to work in new and emerging areas including information and communications technology (ICT), green technology and the blue economy.

The Muslim nations expressed interest in widening cooperation in trade, commerce and investment, especially seeking each other’s support to deepen collaboration in the field of Halal trade.

“Bangladesh offered Brunei Darussalam opportunities for investment in the Special Economic Zones of Bangladesh,” the joint statement noted.

The two leaders also stressed boosting air and maritime connectivity to enhance trade, investment, tourism and people-to-people contacts.

Bangladesh also expressed its gratitude to Brunei for its political support for the “safe, secure, sustainable and dignified” repatriation of the persecuted Rohingya minority to their home country of Myanmar, which has been hanging in balance for a long time.

The two countries signed an agreement on air services as well as memorandums of understanding on the recruitment and employment of Bangladeshi workers, the supply of LNG and other petroleum products, and the recognition of certificates issued under the provision of the International Convention on Standards of Training , Certification and Watchkeeping for Seafarers.

[Photo: Sultan of Brunei Hassanal Bolkiah. Photographer; Ray Tang/AA]

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