Army Abducts a Woman Assaults Students Near Nablus

Israeli forces abducted, on Wednesday, Army Abducts a Palestinian woman, detained school students, assaulted a teacher, and injured several Palestinians near Nablus city, in addition to invading many towns and villages in the Jenin governorate, in the northern West Bank. bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs bvs

On Wednesday afternoon:

Occupation forces invaded various towns and villages in the Jenin governorate, in the northern part of the occupied West Bank.

Media sources said that Israeli troops invaded the towns and villages of Arraba, Kafr Ra’i, and Fahma, northwest of Jenin, and the village of Jalboun, east of the city.

The army broke into and searched the home of the citizen, Mohammad Sawalha, in the town of Kafr Ra’i, and interrogated he and his family.

In Arraba town, and Fahma village, occupation soldiers conducted a wide-scale search campaign, while an infantry unit deployed in the village of Jalboun; no abductions reported.

Meanwhile, in the morning, Israeli soldiers abducted a Palestinian woman at a military roadblock, near Nablus, in the northern West Bank.

Army Abducts According to Montaser Sammour:

The director of the Palestinian Prisoners’ Society (PPS) in Jenin, occupation forces abducted Hala Suleiman Mohammad Mahmoud Sirisi, 36, a resident of the Jenin governorate, when she was passing through the “Shavei Shomron” military roadblock, northwest of Nablus.

Furthermore, in the afternoon, occupation forces chased four Palestinian high school students, assaulted them, in addition to a teacher, in the village of Sarra, west of Nablus.

Media sources said that Israeli troops chased four high school students into the school, storming the high school with guns drawn.

According to Anan Shehadeh, the school principal, soldiers detained all teaching staff in one room, detained and assaulted the four children, and assaulted a teacher for filming the soldier’s actions.

Shehadeh added that the army later released the staff and students; no injuries were reported.

Media sources said that a large army force invaded the village in many military vehicles, and heavily fired live rounds, and tear gas canisters towards citizens and their homes, causing several people to suffer the toxic effects of tear gas inhalation. 2 paramedics killed in Israeli airstrike on ambulance in Rafah.

Israel’s military said:

Wednesday it seized control of a strategic corridor along Gaza’s border with Egypt to cut off smuggling tunnels as it tries to destroy the militant Hamas group in a war that is now in its eighth month.

The capture of the Philadelphi Corridor could complicate Israel’s relations with Egypt, which has complained about Israel’s advance toward its border. Israel says the corridor is awash in tunnels that have funneled weapons and other goods for Hamas — despite a yearslong blockade imposed by Israel and Egypt.

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